Our concept

Every company has its own concept, an idea which should separate or define the company. Elithus is not different from others in that aspect. The factors that are a part of our concept is nothing you cannot find in other companies either. The equation and the combination between these factors is however what makes us unique.

Here below we want to present our keywords and what they mean to you.

Your desires

Elithus builds architecturally drawn houses on site in both wood and stone which means that your wishes get fulfilled to the full with our help. Today many market “architecturally drawn” houses and simultaneously sell each one of them to families in different regions every year, possibly with a few adjustments.

The epithet architecturally drawn for us means that the house is adapted och drawn by an architect after your needs, it is the glove that is supposed to fit your hand. And since we build 100 % of the house on set and not in sections in factories many miles away, we can be 100 % flexible as well.

That is the reason why we do not have a catalogue to show you, it would obstruct our purposes. On the other hand we do have many already finished houses you can see in our gallery and get inspired by.

And if you have own drawings, we can make reality out of them no matter how difficult they may seem. Many of our undertakings have by others been considered “impossible” and we firmly believe that anything can be achieved with the right recipe.


Concerning quality there is a lot to be said regarding building technique. Since our houses are built on set every piece is adjusted to suit the other which transforms the house into a balanced and homogenous construction. Most of the houses today are built in sections at factories and later on attached together at the building site. One does not have to be an engineer to realize that you are bending the stability of the construction that way. The reason houses are built that way is the cost decrease and comfort. We at Elithus are not that comfortable. The time profit with this is also marginal, often none at all. The disadvantages that sometimes occur during building at site as problems with humidity are eliminated by us with a proper coverage of the building during the building time and rigorous inspections of the humidity content at the building material with electronic gauges during the whole process.

A smaller, but often very comfortable advantage with building on site is the flexibility. While you are building you often come up with things that should be different. It can be a wall that should be moved or a window that should have been differently placed. This is naturally something that with all simplicity can be taken care of on site without any extra costs nor time losses.

Above all you will with our methods get a stable and safe house to live in for many generations to come with the highest achievable quality and maximized future value.


We leave all our customers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all our undertakings. Practically this means that you get a warranty on all constructional errors that is valid for as long as you live. If You should in the future sell your house the warranty remains with the house. The construction industry in Sweden has long had a besmerched reputation that for many reasons has been justified. That is why Elithus has launched this warranty in its pursue to remain the foremost producer of exclusive homes in Stockholm, but also to set new landmarks in the concept of providing quality.


For your safety’s sake there are two factors. At first we are always in arrears with the payment which means that you always pay after a performed element. When the house is finished, the final payment is regulated after an independent inspector has certified the quality of the building.

Furthermore, we are quite unique among our competitors since we do not hire subcontractors (other than installation of the heating-pump and some certain electrical works). We have electricians, plumbers, carpenters, masons, tilers and welders employed with us and this is a deliberate choice since we know that the quality-assurance is substantially better when all people involved in a project belong to the same group and carry mutual responsibility.

In addition to this all moments will be documented during the building process with cameras, pictures that you later on will receive digitally. You are also protected against delays in the process with a special clause in the contract.

Elithus is also a certified company to perform Säkra Våtrum, which means “Safe Bathrooms”.  This certification is issued by BKR and can be seen on www.bkr.se.

We also privide all our potential new customers with references to our past customers in order for you to be able to by yourself find out how it is to live in an Elithus.

Choice of house

As you may have understood when looking through our gallery we have a predilection to modern architecture. This is however not a problem that will keep us from building in your style, whatever it may be. Perhaps you don’t know what you want. Then it is time to meet with one of our architects. They pay attention to your will and later formulate it to a general expression. Whether it is modern functionalism or a classic country estate. The important thing in the end is that the house becomes unique, just as your needs are.


With all of these promises you have read it may seem as the cost estimation will be insurmountable. That is not the case. Thanks to good deals with our suppliers, great craftsmen and efficient administration we are able to match many other entrepreneurs. We are not the least expensive company, nor are vi even positioned in the middle segment. However, there are few companies that can deliver top quality in general. And out of these few none can match our economy and service commitment. That is our promise to the business.


During 2020 our goal is to be Sweden´s foremost environmental and climate smart building company. This deserves an own sub page so please read more about our project here.